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eHymnBook # 3510
First Line:
O heavenly King look down from above
Meter: 10 10 11 11
Dates: 1742
Bible Refs: Ps 80:14;
    Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
  • A Collection of Hymns (Methodist)
  • 1889# 199
  • Hymns and Psalms with SA Sup.
  • 1983# 504
  • Methodist Hymn Book - Hymns
  • 1954# 7

    Name: LYONS
    Meter: 10 10 11 11
    Dates: 1815
    Name meter
    10 10 11 11

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    O heavenly King,
    look down from above;
    Assist us to sing
    thy mercy and love:
    So sweetly o’erflowing,
    so plenteous the store,
    Thou still art bestowing,
    and giving us more.

    O God of our life,
    we hallow thy name;
    Our business and strife
    is thee to proclaim.
    Accept our thanksgiving
    for creating grace;
    The living, the living
    show forth thy praise.

    Our Father and Lord,
    almighty art thou;
    Preserved by thy word,
    we worship thee now;
    The bountiful donor
    of all we enjoy,
    Our tongues, to thine honour,
    and lives we employ.

    But O above all
    thy kindness we praise,
    From sin and from thrall
    which saves the lost race;
    Thy Son thou hast given
    the world to redeem,
    And bring us to heaven
    whose trust is in him.

    Wherefore of thy love
    we sing and rejoice,
    With angels above
    we lift up our voice;
    Thy love each believer
    shall gladly adore,
    For ever and ever,
    when time is no more.

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