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Once more the sun is beaming bright

eHymnBook # 12676
First Line:
Once more the sun is beaming bright
Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
Bible Refs:
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  • A Collection of Hymns (Methodist)
  • 1889# 966

    Once more the sun is beaming bright,
    Once more to God we pray,
    That his eternal light may guide
    And cheer our souls this day.

    O may no sin our hands defile,
    Or cause our minds to rove,
    Upon our lips be simple truth,
    And in our hearts be love!

    Throughout the day, O Christ, in thee
    May ready help be found,
    To save our souls from Satan's wiles,
    Who still is hovering round.

    Subservient to thy daily praise
    Our daily toil shall be;
    So may our works, in thee begun,
    Be furthered, Lord, by thee.

    And lest the flesh, profane and proud,
    Subdue the yielding soul,
    May self-constraining temperance
    Carnal desires control.

    To God the Father, God the Son,
    And God the Holy Ghost,
    Eternal glory be from man,
    And from the angel host!

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