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O mercy divine O couldst Thou incline

O mercy divine,
O couldst Thou incline,
My God, to become
such as infant as mine?
What a wonder of grace:
The Ancient of Days
Is found in the likeness
of Adamís frail race!

He comes from on high,
Who fashioned the sky,
And meekly vouchsafes
in a manger to lie;
Our God ever blest,
with oxen doth rest,
Is nursed by His creature
and hangs at the breast.

So heavenly-mild,
His innocence smiled,
No wonder the mother
would worship the Child,
The angels she knew
had worshipped Him, too,
And still they confess
adoration His due.

On Jesusí face,
with eager amaze,
And pleasure ecstatic
the cherubim gaze;
Their newly born King,
transported they sing,
And Heavín and earth
with the triumph doth ring.

The shepherds behold Him,
the promised of old,
By angels attended,
by prophets foretold;
The wise men adore now,
and bring Him their store,
The rich are permitted
to follow the poor.

To the inn they repair,
to see the young Heir;
The inn is a palace,
for Jesus is there!
Who now would be great,
and not rather wait
On Jesus their Lord
in His humble estate?

Like Him would I be,
my Master I see
In a stable; a manger
shall satisfy me;
And here will I lie,
till raised up on high,
With Him on the cross
I recover the sky.

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Meter: 11 11 11 11
      Dates: 1745
      Bible Refs: Phil 2:7;
      Name: CRADLE SONG
      Meter: 11 11 11 11
        Dates: 1895

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