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eHymnBook # 17106
First Line:
O church of God thou spotless bride
Meter: 8 6 8 6 D (D.C.M.)
Dates: 1911
Bible Refs:

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O church of God,
thou spotless bride,
On Jesus breast secure;
No stains of sin in thee abide,
Thy garments all are pure.
Of unity and holiness
Thy gentle voice doth sing;
Of purity and lowliness
Thy songs in triumph ring.

Thou lovely virgin, thou art fair,
Thy mothers only child;
Thy heav’nly music let me hear,
Thy voice is sweet and mild.
Thy cheeks adorned with jewels bright,
Thy neck with chains of gold;
Unfurl thy banners in thy might,
Thy graces rich unfold.

She stood attired in spotless dress
The early morning through,
And then into the wilderness
On eagle’s wings she flew.
And nourished there
from heav’nly clime,
She lived for many years;
Now, in this blessed evening time
Her glory reappears.

She leans upon an Arm of love
No sin her garments taints;
They’re made of linen wov’n above—
The righteousness of saints.
The marriage of the Lamb is come,
His bride all ready stands;
The Bridegroom soon
will take her home
To dwell in heav’nly lands.

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