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Spirit of faith come down Reveal the things of God

Spirit of faith, come down,
reveal the things of God,
And make to us the Godhead known,
and witness with the blood.
’Tis Thine the blood to apply
and give us eyes to see,
Who did for every sinner die
hath surely died for me.

No man can truly say
that Jesus is the Lord,
Unless Thou take the veil away
and breathe the living Word.
Then, only then, we feel
our interest in His blood,
And cry with joy unspeakable,
“Thou art my Lord, my God!”

O that the world might know
the all atoning Lamb!
Spirit of faith, descend
and show the virtue of His Name;
The grace which all may find,
the saving power, impart,
And testify to all mankind,
and speak in every heart.

Inspire the living faith
(which whosoever receive,
The witness in themselves
they have and consciously believe),
The faith that conquers all,
and doth the mountain move,
And saves whoever on Jesus call,
and perfects them in love.

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Meter: 6 6 8 6 D (D.S.M.)
      Dates: 1746
      Bible Refs: Mt 16:16-17;
      Name: BEALOTH
      Meter: 6 6 8 6 D (D.S.M.)
        Dates: 1843
        Name meter
        6 6 8 6 D (D.S.M.)
        6 6 8 6 (S.M.)

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