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Lord Jesus in the days of old Two walked

Lord Jesus, in the days of old
Two walked with Thee in waning light;
And love’s blind instinct made them bold
To crave Thy presence through the night.
As night descends, we too would pray,
O leave us not at close of day.

Did not their hearts within them burn?
And though their Lord they failed to know,
Did not their spirits inly yearn?
They could not let the Stranger go.
Much more must we who know Thee pray,
O leave us not at close of day.

Perchance we have not always wist
Who has been with us by the way;
Amid day’s uproar we have missed
Some word that Thou hast had to say,
In silent night, O Saviour dear,
We would not fail Thy voce to hear.

Day is far spent, and night is nigh;
Stay with us, Saviour, through the night;
Talk with us, touch us tenderly,
Lead us to peace, to rest, to light;
Dispel our darkness with Thy face,
Radiant with resurrection grace.

The hours of day are glad and good,
and good the gifts thy hand bestows:
the body's health, the spirit's food,
and rest, and after rest repose.
We would not lose day's golden gains,
so stay with us as daylight wanes.

Nor this night only, blessèd Lord,
We, every day and every hour,
Would walk with Thee Emmaus-ward
To hear Thy voice of love and power;
And every night would by Thy side
Look, listen, and be satisfied.

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 8 8
      Dates: 1886
      Bible Refs: Lk 24:32;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1983# 645
      1954# 941
      1938# 25
      Name: VATER UNSER (OLD 112TH)
      Meter: 8 8 8 8 8 8
        Dates: 1539,1726
        Name meter
        8 8 8 8 8 8

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