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O God we have heard

O God, we have heard,
and our fathers have told
What wonders Thou didst
in the great days of old;
The nations were crushed
and expelled by Thy hand,
Cast out that Thy people
might dwell in their land.

They gained not the land
by the edge of the sword,
Their own arm to them could
no safety afford,
But Thy right hand saved,
and the light of Thy face,
Because of Thy favor
and wonderful grace.

Command, and Thy word
shall deliverance bring,
O God, to Thy chosen,
for Thou art our King;
Through Thee we will surely defeat
all our foes,
Through Thy Name will triumph
o’er those that oppose.

No trust will I place
in my strength to defend.
Nor yet on my sword
as a safeguard depend;
In Thee, Who hast saved us
and put them to shame,
We boast all the day,
ever praising Thy Name.

Thou, Lord, hast forsaken,
to shame brought our boasts;
No more to the field dost
Thou go with our hosts;
Thou turnest us back
from the foe in dismay,
And spoilers who hate us
have made us their prey.

Like sheep to the slaughter
Thy people are given,
Dispersed through the nations,
afar we are driven;
Thou sellest Thy people
to strangers for naught,
Their price to Thy treasure
no increase has brought.

Thou makest our neighbors
reproach us in pride,
And those that are near us
to scoff and deride;
A byword the nations have made
of our name,
With scorn and derision
they put us to shame.

Yea, all the day long
I behold my disgrace,
And covered am I
with confusion of face;
The voice of blasphemers
and scoffers I hear,
The foe and avenger
against me appear.

All this have we suffered,
and never forgot
To serve Thee, Jehovah,
nor falsely have wrought;
Our heart is not turned,
and our steps have not strayed,
Though crushed amid ruins
and under death’s shade.

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Meter: 11 11 11 11
      Bible Refs: Ps 44;
      Meter: 11 11 11 11
        Dates: 1855
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