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O show me not my Savior dying

O show me not my Savior dying,
As on the cross He bled;
Nor in the tomb, a captive lying,
For He has left the dead.
Then bid me not
that form extended
For my Redeemer own,
Who, to the highest
heavens ascended,
In glory fills the throne.

Weep not for Him
at Calvary’s station,
Weep only for thy sins;
View where He lay with exultation,
’Tis there our hope begins.
Yet stay not there,
thy sorrows feeding,
Amid the scenes He trod;
Look up, and see Him interceding
At the right hand of God.

Still in the shameful cross I glory,
Where His dear blood was spilt:
His shameful cross,
set forth before me,
Hath canceled all my guilt.
Yet what, ’mid conflict
and temptation,
Shall strength and honor give?
He lives, the Captain of Salvation,
Therefore His servants live.

By death, He death’s
dark king defeated,
And overcame the grave:
Rising, the triumph He completed;
He lives, he reigns to save.
Heaven’s happy myriads
bow before Him:
He comes, the Judge of men:
These eyes shall see Him,
and adore Him,
Lord Jesus, own me then.

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Meter: 9 6 9 6 D
      Dates: 1836
      Bible Refs: Rm 8:34;
      Name: WATFORD
      Meter: 9 6 9 6 D
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