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O wherefore hast Thou cast us off

O wherefore hast Thou cast us off,
O God, our God of old?
Why art Thou angry with Thy sheep,
|: The sheep of Thine own fold? :|

Remember Thine inheritance,
Thy Church, redeemed by grace;
Remember Zionís mount profaned,
|: Thine ancient dwelling place. :|

In ruin long Thy temple lies;
Arise, O God of grace,
And see the ruin foes have wrought
|: Within Thy holy place. :|

Amid Thy courts are lifted high
The standards of the foe,
And impious hands with axe and fire
|: Have laid Thy temple low. :|

They have profaned the holy place
Where Thou hast set Thy Name,
The sanctuaries of our God
|: Are given to the flame. :|

We see no signs of power divine,
No prophet speaks for Thee,
And none can tell, and none can know,
|: How long these woes shall be. :|

How long, O God, shall blasphemy
And shame reproach our land?
Why dost Thou not destroy Thy foes
|: With Thine almighty hand? :|

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 extended
      Bible Refs: Ps 74;
      Name: LEAF
      Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
        Dates: 1863
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