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Our nation God its heart to Thee

Our nation, God, its heart
to Thee upraiseth,
O Lord, the nation bows
before Thy face:
With high thanksgiving,
Thee Thy glad church praiseth,
Our strength Thy Spir’t,
our trust and hope Thy grace.

Unto great honor, glory undeservèd,
Hast Thou exalted us,
and drawn Thee nigh:
Nor, from Thy judgments,
when our feet had swervèd,
Didst Thou forsake,
nor leave us, Lord most high.

In Thee our fathers trusted,
and were savèd,
In Thee destroyèd thrones
of tyrants proud:
From ancient bondage freed
the poor enslavèd;
To sow Thy truth poured out
their saintly blood.

Us now, we pray, O God,
in anger scorn not,
Nor to vainglorying leave,
nor brutish sense
In time of trouble
Thy face from us turn not,
Who art our Rock,
our stately sure defense.

Unto our minds give freedom
and uprightness;
Let strengthened courage
lead o’er land and wave,
To our souls’ armor
grant celestial brightness,
Joy to our hearts, and faith
beyond the grave.

Our plenteous nation still
in power extending,
Increase our joy,
uphold us by Thy Word:
Beauty and wisdom
all our ways attending,
Good will to man and
peace through Christ our Lord.

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Meter: 11 10 11 10
      Dates: 1615,1899
      Bible Refs: Ps 44:1;
      Meter: 11 10 11 10
        Dates: 1551
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