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Jesus my Saviour look on me For I am

Jesus, my Savior, look on me,
For I am weary and oppressed;
I come to cast myself on Thee:
Thou art my Rest.

Look down on me, for I am weak;
I feel the toilsome journey’s length;
Thine aid omnipotent I seek:
Thou art my Strength.

I am bewildered on my way,
Dark and tempestuous is the night;
O send Thou forth some cheering ray:
Thou art my Light.

When Satan flings his fiery darts
I look to thee; my terrors cease;
thy cross a hiding-place imparts;
thou art my Peace.

I hear the storms around me rise;
But when I dread th’impending shock,
My spirit to the Refuge flies:
Thou art my Rock.

Standing alone on Jordan’s brink,
In that tremendous latest strife,
Thou will not suffer me to sink:
Thou art my Life.

Thou wilt my every want supply,
E’en to the end, whate’er befall;
Through life, in death, eternally,
Thou art my All.

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Meter: 8 8 8 4
      Dates: 1869
      Bible Refs: Mt 9:36;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1920# 335
      1869# 92
      1908# 764
      1938# 770
      1916# 390
      1940# 412
      1961# 140
      Name: HANFORD
      Meter: 8 8 8 4
        Dates: 1874

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