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Heavenly Father sovereign Lord

Heavenly Father, sovereign Lord,
Ever faithful to Thy word,
Humbly we our seal set to,
Testify that Thou art true.
Lo! for us the wilds are glad,
All in cheerful green arrayed,
Opening sweets they all disclose,
Bud and blossom as the rose.

Hark! the wastes
have found a voice,
Lonely deserts now rejoice,
Gladsome hallelujahs sing,
All around with praises ring.
Lo! abundantly they bloom,
Lebanon is hither come,
Carmelís stores
the heavens dispense,
Sharonís fertile excellence.

See, these barren souls of ours
Bloom, and put forth
fruits and flowers,
Flowers of Eden, fruits of grace,
Peace, and joy,
and righteousness.
We behold (the abjects we!)
Christ, the incarnate Deity,
Christ, in whom Thy glories shine,
Excellence of strength divine.

Ye that tremble at his frown,
He shall lift your hands cast down;
Christ, who all your weakness sees,
He shall prop your feeble knees.
Ye of fearful hearts, be strong;
Jesus will not tarry long;
Fear not lest his truth should fail,
Jesus is unchangeable.

God, your God,
shall surely come,
Quell your foes,
and seal their doom,
He shall come and save you too;
We, O Lord, have found thee true!
Blind we were, but now we see,
Deal; we hearken now to thee,
Dumb, for thee our tongues employ,
Lame, and, lo! we leap for joy.

Faint we were,
and parched with drought,
Water at Thy word gushed out,
Streams of grace
our thirst repress,
Starting from the wilderness;
Still we gasp Thy grace to know,
Here for ever let it flow,
Make the thirsty land a pool;
Fix the Spirit in our soul.

Where the ancient dragon lay,
Open for thyself a way!
There let holy tempers rise,
All the fruits of Paradise.
Lead us in the way of peace,
In the path of righteousness,
Never by the sinner trod,
Till he feels the cleansing blood.

There the simple cannot stray,
Babes, though blind,
may find the way,
Find, nor ever thence depart,
Safe in lowliness of heart;
Far from fear, from danger far,
No devouring beast is there,
There the humble walk secure;
God hath made
their footsteps sure.

Jesus, mighty to redeem,
Let our lot be cast with them;
Far from earth our souls remove,
Ransomed by thy dying love.
Leave us not below to mourn;
Fain we would to thee return,
Crowned with righteousness, arise
Far above these nether skies.

Come, and all
our sorrows chase,
Wipe the tears from every face;
Gladness let us now obtain,
Partners of thine endless reign.
Death, the latest foe, destroy,
Sorrow then shall yield to joy,
Gloomy grief shall flee away,
Swallowed up in endless day.

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Meter: 7 7 7 7 D
      Bible Refs: Ps 72:19; Is 35;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1889# 348
      Name: PLEYEL
      Meter: 7 7 7 7
        Dates: 1791
        Name meter
        8 7 8 7 D

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