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Christ who freed our souls from danger

Christ, who freed our souls from danger,
And hath turned away God's anger,
Suffered pains no tongue can tell,
To redeem us from pains of hell.

That we never might forget it,
Take my flesh, he said, and eat it,
Hidden in this piece of bread,
Drink my blood in this wine, he said.

Who so to this board repaireth,
Take good heed how he prepareth;
Death instead of life shall he
Find, who cometh unworthily.

Praise the Father, God in heaven,
Who such dainty food hath given,
And for misdeeds thou hast done
Gave to die his beloved Son.

Trust God's Word; it is intended
For the sick who would be mended;
Those whose heavy-laden breast
Groans with sin, and is seeking rest.

To such grace and mercy turneth
Every soul that truly mourneth;
Art thou well? Avoid this board,
Else thou reapest an ill reward.

Lo! he saith himself, "Ye weary,
Come to me, and I will cheer ye;"
Needless were the leech's skill
To the souls that be strong and well.

Couldst thou earn thine own salvation,
Useless were my death and passion;
Wilt thou thine own helper be?
No meet table is this for thee.

If thou this believest truly,
And confession makest duly,
Thou a welcome guest art here,
This rich banquet thy soul shall cheer.

Sweet henceforth shall be thy labor,
Thou shalt truly love thy neighbor
So shall he both taste and see
What thy Saviour hath done in thee.

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