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The message first to Smyrna sent,
A message full of grace;
To all the Saviour's flock is meant,
In every age and place.

Thus to his church, his chosen bride,
Saith the great First and Last;
Who ever lives, though once he died,
Hold thy profession fast.

Thy works and sorrows well I know,
Performed and borne for me;
Poor though thou art, despised and low,
Yet who is rich like thee?

I know thy foes, and what they say,
How long they have blasphemed;
The synagogue of Satan, they,
Though they would Jews be deemed.

Though Satan for a season rage,
And prisons be your lot;
I am your friend, and I engage
You shall not be forgot.

Be faithful unto death, nor fear
A few short days of strife;
Behold! the prize you soon shall wear,
A crown of endless life!

Hear what the holy Spirit saith
Of all who overcome;
They shall escape the second death,
The sinner's aweful doom!

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
      Dates: 1779
      Bible Refs: Rev 2:11;
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