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Holy Spirit gently come raise us from

Holy Spirit, gently come,
raise us from our fallen state,
fix thy everlasting home
in the hearts thou didst create.
Gift of God most high!
Visit every troubled breast,
light and life and love supply,
give our spirits perfect rest.

Heavenly unction from above,
comforter of weary saints,
fountain, life and fire of love,
hear and answer our complaints:
thee we humbly pray,
finger of the living God,
now thy sevenfold gift display,
shed our Savior's love abroad.

Now thy quickening influence bring,
on our spirits sweetly move,
open every mouth to sing
Jesus' everlasting love:
lighten every heart;
drive our enemies away,
joy and peace to us impart,
lead us in the heavenly way.

Take the things of Christ and show
what our Lord for us hath done;
may we God the Father know
only in and through the Son:
nothing will we fear,
though to wilds and deserts driven,
while we feel thy presence near,
witnessing our sins forgiven.

Glory be to God alone,
God whose hand created all!
Glory be to God the Son,
who redeemed us from our fall!
To the Holy Ghost
equal praise and glory be,
when the course of time is lost,
lost in wide eternity!

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Meter: 7 7 7 7 5 7 7 7
      Dates: 1745
      Bible Refs:
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      1950# 614
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