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O God before whose altar The stars like

O God, before whose altar
The stars like tapers burn,
At whose inscrutable decree
The planets wheel and turn,
Though earth and sea and heaven
Unite thy praise to sing,
Man in his weakness yet may give
A worthier offering.

Those who gave up life's bounty
To serve a race to be,
Whose bones lie white along the trail
Which leads the world to thee;
Those who when fears beset them
Stand fast and fight and die,
Their unconsidered lives go up
Like incense to the sky.

All those oppressed or lonely
Or long at strife with pain,
Who face the darkness undismayed
And turn their loss to gain,
Those who with love and meekness
Outlast the years of wrong,
Their silent courage pleads to heaven
More eloquent than song.

O Lord, be ours the glory
Beyond all earthly fame,
Like those to conquer for thy sake
Despair and doubt and shame;
Till through a world made noble,
Through lands from sin set free,
The armies of the living God
Shall march to victory.

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Meter: 7 6 8 6 D
      Dates: 1932
      Bible Refs:
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      1950# 340
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