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From virgin's womb this Christmas Day

From virgin's womb this Christmas day did spring
The precious seed that only saved man;
This day let man rejoice and sweetly sing,
Since on this day salvation first began.
This day did Christ man's soul from death remove,
With glorious saints to dwell in heav'n above.

This day to man came pledge of perfect peace;
This day to man came love and unity;
This day man's grief began for to surcease;
This day did man receive a remedy
For each offence and every deadly sin,
With guilty heart that erst he wandered in.

Now in Christ's flock let love be surely placed;
Now from Christ's flock let concord hate expel;
Now of Christ's flock let love so be embraced,
As we in Christ, and Christ in us may dwell.
Christ is the author of all unity,
From whence proceedeth all feicity.

O sing unto this glitt'ring, glorious King;
O praise His name let every living thing;
Let heart and voice like bells of silver ring,
The comfort that this Christmas day did bring;
Let lute, let shalm, with sound of sweet delight,
The joy of Christ's birth on this day recite.

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Meter: 10 10 10 10 10 10
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      1925# 57
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