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Sound aloud Jehovah's praises tell

Sound aloud Jehovah's praises,
tell abroad the aweful Name!
Heaven the ceaseless anthem raises;
let the earth her God proclaim,
God, the hope of every nation,
God, the source of consolation,
holy, blessèd Trinity.

This the Name from ancient ages
hidden in its dazzling light;
this the Name that kings and sages
prayed and strove to know aright,
through God's wondrous incarnation
now revealed the world's salvation,
ever blessèd Trinity.

Into this great Name and holy
we all tribes and tongues baptize;
thus the Highest owns the lowly,
homeward, heavenward, bids them rise,
gathers them from every nation,
bids them join adoration
of the blessèd Trinity.

In this Name the heart rejoices,
pouring forth its secret prayer;
in this Name we lift our voices,
and our common faith declare,
offering praise and supplication
and the thankful life's oblation
to the blessèd Trinity.

Still thy Name o'er earth and ocean
shall be carried, "God is Love,"
whispered by the heart's devotion,
echoed by the choirs above,
hallowed through all worlds for ever,
Lord, of life the only giver,
blessèd, glorious Trinity.

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