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O Jesus full of truth and grace O all

O Jesus, full of truth and grace,
O all-atoning Lamb of God,
I wait to see thy glorious face,
I seek redemption through thy blood.

Now in thy strength I strive with thee,
My Friend and Advocate with God;
Give me the glorious liberty,
Grant me the purchase of thy blood.

Thou art the anchor of my hope,
The faithful saying I receive;
Surely thy death shall raise me up,
For thou hast died that I may live.

Satan, with all his arts, no more
Me from the gospel hope shall move;
I shall receive the gracious power,
And find the pearl of perfect love.

Though nature gives my God the lie,
I all his truth and grace shall know;
I shall, the helpless creature I,
Shall perfect holiness below.

My flesh, which cries, "It cannot be,"
Shall silence keep before the Lord;
And earth, and hell, and sin shall flee
At Jesu's everlasting word. 

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
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      1889# 815
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