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My brethren beloved Your calling ye see

My brethren beloved,
Your calling ye see;
In Jesus approved,
No goodness have we,
No riches or merit,
No wisdom or might,
But all things inherit
Through Jesus's right.

Yet not many wise
His summons obey,
And great ones despise
So vulgar a way,
And strong ones will never
Their helplessness own,
Or stoop to find favour
Through mercy alone.

And therefore our God
The outcasts hath chose,
His righteousness showed
To heathens like us;
When wise ones rejected
His offers of grace,
His goodness elected
The foolish and base.

To baffle the wise,
And noble, and strong,
He bade us arise,
An impotent throng;
Poor ignorant wretches
We gladly embrace
A Prophet who teaches
Salvation by grace.

The things that were not,
His mercy bids live;
His mercy unbought
We freely receive;
His gracious compassion
We thankfully prove,
And all our salvation
Ascribe to his love.

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Meter: 10 10 11 11
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      1889# 212
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