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I soon shall hear thy quickening voice

I soon shall hear thy quickening voice,
Shall always pray, give thanks, rejoice;
(This is thy will and faithful word)
My Spirit meek, my will resigned,
Lowly as thine shall be my mind,
The servant shall be as his Lord.

Already, Lord, I feel thy power;
Preserved from evil every hour,
My great Preserver I proclaim:
Safety and strength in thee I have;
I find, I find thee strong to save,
And know that Jesus is thy name.

By faith I every moment stand,
Strangely upheld by thy right hand,
I my own wickedness eschew:
A sinner, I am kept from sin;
And thou shalt make me pure within,
And thou shalt form my soul anew.

Come then, and loose my stammering tongue,
Teach me the new, the joyful song,
And perfect in a babe thy praise:
I want a thousand lives to employ
In publishing the sounds of joy,
The gospel of thy general grace.

Come, Lord, thy Spirit bids thee come;
Give me thyself, and take me home;
Be now the glorious earnest given!
The counsel of thy grace fulfil,
Thy kingdom come, thy perfect will
Be done on earth, as 'tis in heaven.

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 8 8
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      1889# 366
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