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Who hath slighted or contemned The

Who hath slighted or contemned
The day of feeble things?
I shall be by grace redeemed;
'Tis grace salvation brings:
Ready now my Saviour stands:
Him I now rejoice to see
With the plummet in His hands,
To build and finish me.

I right early shall awake,
And see the perfect day;
Soon the Lamb of God shall take
My inbred sin away:
When to me my Lord shall come,
Sin for ever shall depart;
Jesus takes up all the room
In a believing heart.

Son of God, arise, arise,
And to thy temple come!
Look, and with thy flaming eyes
The man of sin consume;
Slay him with thy Spirit, Lord;
Reign thou in my heart alone;
Speak the sanctifying word,
And seal me all thine own.

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Meter: 7 6 7 6 7 7 7 6
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      1889# 383
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