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God only wise almighty good

God only wise, almighty, good,
Send forth thy truth and light,
To point us out the narrow road,
And guide our steps aright:

To steer our dangerous course between
The rocks on either hand;
And fix us in the golden mean,
And bring our charge to land.

Made apt, by thy sufficient grace,
To teach as taught by thee,
We come to train in all thy ways
Our rising progeny:

Their selfish will in time subdue,
And mortify their pride;
And lend their youth a sacred clew
To find the crucified.

We would in every step look up,
By thy example taught
To alarm their fear, excite their hope,
And rectify their thought.

We would persuade their hearts to obey,
With mildest zeal proceed;
And never take the harsher way,
When love will do the deed.

For this we ask, in faith sincere,
The wisdom from above,
To touch their hearts with filial fear,
And pure, ingenuous love:

To watch their will, to sense inclined;
Withhold the hurtful food;
And gently bend their tender mind,
And draw their souls to God.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
      Bible Refs:
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      1889# 468
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