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How good and pleasant tis to see

How good and pleasant 'tis to see,
When brethren cordially agree,
And kindly think and speak the same!
A family of faith and love,
Combined to seek the things above,
And spread the common Saviour's fame.
The God of grace, who all invites,
Who in our unity delights,
Vouchsafes our intercourse to bless;
Revives us with refreshing showers,
The fulness of his blessing pours,
And keeps our minds in perfect peace.

Jesus, thou precious corner-stone,
Preserve inseparably one
Whom thou didst by thy Spirit join;
Still let us in thy Spirit live,
And to thy church the pattern give
Of unanimity divine.
Still let us to each other cleave,
And from thy plenitude receive
Constant supplies of hallowing grace;
Till to a perfect man we rise,
O'ertake our kindred in the skies,
And find prepared our heavenly place.

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 8 8 D
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      1889# 489
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