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Come let us arise And press to the skies

Come, let us arise,
And press to the skies;
The summons obey,
My friends, my beloved,
and hasten away.
The Master of all
For our service doth call,
And deigns to approve,
With smiles of acceptance,
our labour of love.

His burden who hear,
We alone can declare
How easy his yoke,
While to love and good works
we each other provoke;
By word and by deed,
The bodies in need,
The souls to relieve,
And freely as Jesus hath
given to give.

Then let us attend
Our heavenly Friend,
In his members distrest,
By want, or affliction,
or sickness opprest:
The prisoner relieve,
The stranger receive,
Supply all their wants,
And spend and be spent
in assisting his saints.

Thus while we bestow
Our moments below,
Ourselves we forsake,
And refuge in Jesus's
righteousness take:
His passion alone
The foundation we own;
And pardon we claim,
And eternal redemption,
in Jesus's name.

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Meter: 5 5 5 11 D
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      1889# 495
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