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Lead me not into temptation Father leave

Lead me not into temptation,
Father, leave me not alone,
Thou to whom my every passion,
Every secret thought is known;
If thy providence forsake me
In the dark unguarded hour,
Sin is sure to overtake me,
Hell is ready to devour.

In the feebleness of nature,
Never from thy charge depart,
Infinitely good, and greater
Than the evil of my heart;
Watch, and hold me back from sinning.
Self-inclined from thee to stray,
Stop me at the first beginning,
Turn my tempted heart away.

With mine enemies surrounded,
Sin, the world, and Satan's snare,
Let me never be confounded,
Tempted more than I can bear;
Rather from the dread occasion
Thy poor helpless creature hide,
Bind the sinful inclination,
Turn my stronger foe aside.

Conflicts I cannot require,
Who myself can nothing do;
If thou bring into the fire,
Surely thou shalt bring me through;
Shalt from every ill deliver,
That I may thy glory see,
Magnify thy name for ever,
Saved through all eternity.

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Meter: 8 7 8 7 D
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      1889# 819
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