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Feeble in body and in mind Saviour

Feeble in body and in mind,
Saviour, I cast them both on thee,
With humble confidence to find
Thy perfect strength displayed in me.

Entangled in the worldly snare,
With sore perplexity distrest,
O'erwhelmed with mountain-loads of care
Beneath thy mercy's wings I rest.

Thou seest I know not what to do,
But fix mine eyes on thee alone,
Till thou thy secret counsel show,
And bring the blind by ways unknown.

If thou direct my path aright,
If thou before thy servant go,
The darkness shall be turned to light,
The mountains at thy presence flow.

The crooked things shall at thy word
Be straight, the rugged places plain,
The creatures all obey their Lord,
And be whate'er thy will ordain:

My soul, escaped the fowler's net,
Above all earthly things shall soar,
Or fall at my Deliverer's feet,
And love, and wonder, and adore.

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
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      1889# 836
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