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Come all who truly bear The name of

Come, all who truly bear
The name of Christ your Lord,
His last mysterious supper share,
And keep his kindest word.
Hereby your faith approve
In Jesus crucified:
"In memory of my dying love,
Do this," he said, - and died.

The badge and token this,
The sure confirming, seal,
That he is ours, and we are his,
The servants of his will;
His dear peculiar ones,
The purchase of his blood,
His blood which once for all atones,
And brings us now to God.

Then let us still profess
Our Master's honoured name;
Stand forth his faithful witnesses,
True followers of the Lamb.
In proof that such we are,
His saying we receive,
And thus to all mankind declare
We do in Christ believe.

Part of his church below,
We thus our right maintain:
Our living membership we show,
And in the fold remain,
The sheep of Israel's fold,
In England's pastures fed;
And fellowship with all we hold,
Who hold it with our Head.

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Meter: 6 6 8 6 D (D.S.M.)
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      1889# 897
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