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God of truth and power and grace

God of truth and power and grace,
Drawn by thee to seek thy face,
Lo! I in thy courts appear,
Humbly come to meet thee here;

Trembling at thine altar stand,
Lift to heaven my heart and hand,
Of thy promised strength secure,
All my sins I now abjure.

All my promises renew,
All my wickedness eschew,
Chiefly that I called my own,
Now I hate, renounce, disown.

Never more will I commit,
Follow, or be led by it;
Only grant the grace I claim,
Arm my soul with Jesu's name.

Sure I am it is thy will,
I should never yield to ill,
Never lose thy gracious power,
Never sin or grieve thee more.

What doth then my hopes prevent
Lord, thou stay'st for my consent;
My consent through grace I give,
Promise in thy fear to live.

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Present with thy angel host,
While I at thy altar bow,
Witness to the solemn vow.

Now admit my bold appeal,
Now affix thy Spirit's seal,
Now the power from high he given,
Register the oath in heaven.

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      1889# 910
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