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Father Lord of earth and heaven

Father, Lord of earth and heaven,
Spare, or take what thou hast given;
Sole disposer of thine own,
Let thy sovereign will be done.

When thou didst our Isaac give,
Him we trembled to receive,
Him we called not ours, but thine,
Him we promised to resign.

Lo! we to our promise stand,
Lo! we answer thy demand,
Will not murmur or complain,
If thou claim thine own again.

Life or death depend on thee,
Just and good is thy decree,
Safe in thy decree we rest,
Sure whatever is, is best.

Meekly we our vow repeat,
Nature shall to grace submit,
Let him on the altar lie,
Let the victim live, or die.

Yet thou know'st what pangs of love
In a father's bosom move,
What the agony to part,
Struggling in a mother's heart.

Sorely tempted and distressed,
Can we make the fond request?
Dare we pray for a reprieve?
Need we ask that he may live?

God we absolutely trust,
Wise and merciful and just,
All thy works to thee are known,
All thy blessed will be done.

If his life a snare would prove,
Rob us of thy heavenly love,
Steal our hearts from God away;
Mercy will not let him stay.

If his life would matter raise
Of thine everlasting praise,
More his Saviour glorify,
Mercy will not let him die.

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      1889# 914
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