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Jesus is gone above the skies

Jesus is gone above the skies,
Where our weak senses reach him not;
And carnal objects court our eyes,
To thrust our Savior from our thought.

He knows what wand'ring hearts we have,
Apt to forget his lovely face;
And, to refresh our minds, he gave
These kind memorials of his grace.

The Lord of life this table spread
With his own flesh and dying blood;
We on the rich provision feed,
And taste the wine, and bless the God.

Let sinful sweets be all forgot,
And earth grow less in our esteem
Christ and his love fill every thought,
And faith and hope be fixed on him.

While he is absent from our sight,
'Tis to prepare our souls a place,
That we may dwell in heav'nly light,
And live for ever near his face.

Our eyes look upwards to the hills
Whence our returning Lord shall come;
We wait thy chariot's awful wheels,
To fetch our longing spirits home.

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
      Bible Refs: Lk 22:19; Jn 14:3; Jn 16:16;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1851# 518
      # 6
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