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Spirit of Jesus who didst move

Spirit of Jesus, who didst move
The hearts and pens of men to write
The story of the world's true Light,
His words of power and deeds of love;

We thank thee for
those scribes of old
Who, while apostles journeyed still
Their worldwide witness to fulfil,
Set down the glorious tale they told;

We thank thee for the writers three,
Who from such
fleeting records wrought
The first three gospels, and so taught
The truth for every age to see.

Then, as faith ripened,
thou didst call
A fourth evangelist, to show
The Christ whom souls
had come to know
As Way, as Truth, as Life, for all.

Spirit of Jesus, give thy grace
To us who read, that so we may
Know him more fully day by day
Until we see him face to face.

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      1950# 511
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