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O that Pearl of great price have you fou

O that Pearl of great price!
have you found it?
Is the Savior supreme in your love?
O consider it well, ere you answer,
As you hope for a welcome above.
Have you given up
all for this Treasure?
Have you counted
past gains as but loss?
Has your trust in yourself
and your merits
Come to naught before Christ
and His cross?

Have you come to
the living Redeemer,
Him that bore all your sins on the tree?
Has He graciously pardoned
and cleansed you
In the blood shed for you and for me?
At His feet as one dead,
have you fallen,
And been quickened anew
by His voice,
Till, entranced by
His riches of goodness,
In His presence you live and rejoice?

Has the Savior,
the righteous, the holy,
Cast the beams of
His all searching light
Into all of your heart’s deep recesses,
And transformed into day
their dark night?
O then answer these
questions so pressing,
Before God,
ere time’s favor shall cease,
Is the Pearl of
great price yours forever?
Have you Jesus,
and in Him your peace?

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Meter: 10 9 10 9 D
      Dates: 1893
      Bible Refs: Mt 13:45-46;
      Name: PÄRLAN
      Meter: 10 9 10 9 D
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