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Father we Thy children bless Thee

Father! We Thy children, bless Thee
For Thy love on us bestowed:
As our Father we address Thee,
Called to be the sons of God.
Wondrous was Thy love in giving
Jesus for our sins to die;
Wondrous was His grace in leaving,
For our sakes, His home on high.

Now the sprinkled blood has freed us,
On we go toward our rest;
Through the desert Thou dost lead us,
With Thy constant favour blest.
By Thy truth and Spirit guiding,
Earnest He of joys to come,
And with daily food providing,
Thou dost lead Thy children home.

Though our pilgrimage be dreary,
This is not our resting-place;
Shall we of the way be weary,
When we see our Master’s face?
Now, by faith anticipating,
In this hope our souls rejoice;
We, His promised advent waiting,
Soon shall hear His welcome voice.

Father, O how rich the blessing
When Thy Son returns again!
Then Thy saints, their rest possessing,
O’er the earth with Him shall reign.
For their fathers’ sakes belovèd,
Israel, in Thy grace restored,
Shall on earth, the curse removèd,
Be the people of the Lord.

Then shall countless myriads wearing
Robes made white in Jesus’ blood,
Palms (like rested pilgrims) bearing,
Stand around the throne of God.
These, redeemed from every nation,
Shall in triumph bless Thy name;
Every voice shall cry, “Salvation
To our God, and to the Lamb!”

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Meter: 8 7 8 7 D
      Bible Refs:
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1981# 46
      1881# 9
      Name: ADOPTION
      Meter: 8 7 8 7 D
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        8 7 8 7 D
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