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That pathway O let it be treasured For

That pathway! O let it be treasured,
For none ever trod it before.
Those steps of
aloneness unmeasured!
Our spirits must pause, and adore.

None, none had been laid
in that manger,
And none had been laid in that grave
But Jesus, the heavenly Stranger
Who came wayward sinners to save.

Alone --- in the hall of decision,
His judgment was taken away:
Alone --- on the cross of derision,
Of darkness, distress and dismay.

Alone --- apprehended and taken,
While lovers forsook Him and fled.
Alone --- and completely forsaken,
God's judgment was
poured on His head.

And yet 'twas for us
He endured it;
Alone in perfection was He:
Our blessing ---
He only secured it,
By dying alone on the tree.

Lord, Thou art
no longer deserted!
The Father is sharing His throne
With Thee, who
our judgment endured
That we might be never alone.

O love unsurpassed
and unbounded!
O love that will ever endure
Until in the glory surrounded
With those Thou hast died to secure.

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Meter: 9 8 9 8
      Bible Refs:
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1881# 90
      Name: RACHEL
      Meter: 9 8 9 8
        Dates: 1951
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