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O Jesus Friend unfailing How dear art

O Jesus, Friend unfailing,
How dear art Thou to me!
Are cares or fears assailing?
I find my strength in Thee!
Why should my feet grow weary
Of this my pilgrim way?
Rough though the path and dreary,
It ends in perfect day!

Nought, nought I count as pleasure,
Compared, O Christ, with Thee!
Thy sorrow, without measure,
Earned peace and joy for me.
I love to own, Lord Jesus,
Thy claims o'er me divine,
Bought with Thy blood most precious,
Whose can I be but Thine!

What fills my heart with gladness?
'Tis Thine abounding grace!
Where can I look in sadness,
But, Jesus, on Thy face?
My all is Thy providing—
Thy love can ne'er grow cold;
In Thee, my Refuge, hiding—
No good wilt Thou withhold.

Why should I droop in sorrow?
Thou'rt ever by my side!
Why, trembling, dread the morrow?
What ill can e'er betide?
If I my cross have taken,
'Tis but to follow Thee;
If scorned, despised, forsaken,
Nought severs Thee from me.

O worldly pomp and glory,
Your charms are spread in vain!
I've heard a sweeter story!
I've found a truer gain!
Where Christ a place prepareth,
There is my loved abode;
There shall I gaze on Jesus:
There shall I dwell with God.

For every tribulation,
For every sore distress,
In Christ I've full salvation,
Sure help and quiet rest.
No fear of foes prevailing,
I triumph, Lord, in Thee!
O Jesus, Friend unfailing,
How dear art Thou to me!

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Meter: 7 6 7 6 D
      Dates: 1865-07
      Bible Refs: Mt 28:20;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1881# 360
      Name: DAY OF REST
      Meter: 7 6 7 6 D
        Dates: 1874
        Name meter
        7 6 7 6 D
        7 6 7 6 D

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