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What’s this that
in my soul is rising?
|: Is it grace? :|
Which makes me keep
for mercy crying,
|: Is it grace? :|
This work that’s in my soul begun,
It makes me strive all sin to shun,
It plants my soul beneath the sun,
|: Mercy’s free! :|

Great God of love, I can but wonder,
|: Mercy’s free! :|
Though I’ve no price at all to tender,
|: Mercy’s free! :|
Though mercy’s free, our God is just,
And if a soul should e’er be lost,
This will torment the sinner most;
|: Mercy’s free! :|

This truth through all
our life shall cheer us,
|: Mercy’s free! :|
And through the vale
of death shall bear us,
|: Mercy’s free! :|
And when to Jordan’s bank we come,
And cross the raging billows’ foam,
We’ll sing, when safely landed home:
|: Mercy’s free! :|

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Meter: 9 3 9 3 8 8 8 3 extended
      Dates: 1854
      Bible Refs:
      Name: MERCY'S FREE
      Meter: 9 6 9 6 8 8 8 6
        Dates: 1858
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