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Assembled in thy house of prayer,
On every mind instruction seal;
Preacher and people, Lord, prepare
To seek thy face, thy presence feel.

From earthen vessels we receive
The living streams of truth divine;
The spirit with the letter give,
And turn the water into wine.

Enter we now thy gate with praise,
With reverence at thine altar bend,
With gladness our thanksgivings raise,
With meekness to thy Word attend.

Sp, when the gospel, in thy name,
From human lips salutes our ear,
May our responding hearts exclaim,
“Speak to us, Lord; thy servants hear.”

Paul then may plant the precious grain,
For thine will be the quickening power;
Apollos waters, not in vain,
For thou wilt give the genial shower.

The scattered seed thus sown in hope
Shall spring and spread with large increase,
And yield on earth a heavenly crop
Of love, joy, righteousness, and peace.

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
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