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Father of Jesus Christ our Lord,
Our Father too through him art thou,
Met in his name, with one accord,
Own and accept thy children now.

A part of thy great family,
Who in thy house have found their home,
Here it is good for us to be;
Hence let no more our footsteps roam.

All we like sheep have gone astray,
Scattered, and torn, and tempest-tost,
Each one had turned to his own way,
And each in his own way was lost.

But the good Shepherd from above
Came down into the wilderness,
In his omnipotence of love,
To seek and save, to heal and bless.

He called us with his gentle voice,
Now to that call may we reply,
And make his staff and rod our choice,
Amidst his flock to live and die.

For his soulís travail may he see
Our names with his redeemed enrolled,
At that great day, when there shall be,
In heaven, one Shepherd and one fold.

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Meter: 8 8 8 8 (L.M.)
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