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Let not the strong the rich the wise Of

let not the strong, the rich, the wise,
Of knowledge, wealth, or power be vain,
What mortals covet most, must prize,
When won, how few can long retain!
Heaven’s noblest gift may prove a snare,
Unsanctified by faith and prayer.

He slept on pleasure’s lap, and woke
Shorn of his strength! Poor Samson found
The Lord had left Him, when he broke
The vow with which his life was bound;
Blind, chained, enslaved, returning strength
Brought death with his revenge at length.

Thy wily traitor was betrayed
In his own craft; though woven well,
The net which for his king he laid
Entangled wise Achitophel;
Folly o’erruled what wisdom planned,
He perished by his own false hand.

“Soul, tale thine ease; eat, drink, rejoice,
Through length of years,” the rich man said;
“Thou fool! this night,” replied the voice
That calls the living to the dead,
“Thy soul shall be required of thee,
Whose then shall all thy treasures be?”

Wise to salvation through his word,
And rich in faith his kingdom’s heir,
Strong in the strength of Christ my Lord;
Be this portion! ‘tis my prayer:
For this would I count all things loss,
And glory only in the cross.

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