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The light house founded on a rock Cast

The light-house founded on a rock,
Cast oíer the flood its radiant eye,
Firm amidst oceanís heaviest shock.
Serene beneath the stormiest sky.

Though winds and waters rage and foam,
Though darkness lowers like Egyptís night,
Here peace and safety finds a home;
In this small Goshen there is light.

Now for itself it stands alone,
The seamanís friend, it shines from far,
As though an angel from the throne
Came down to be his leading star.

It warns to shun the breakers near,
Smooth into port the vessel guides,
Points where a wider course to steer,
Shows how to Ďscape conflict tides.

Thus built upon eternal truth,
High in med-heaven, oíer land and sea,
Christís church holds forth to age and youth
A beacon and a sanctuary.

Light, peace, and safety dwell within,
Abroad its sunbright beams display,
Clear from the rocks and shoals of sin,
Through life and death, the one good way.

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