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Hearken Lord to my complaints For my

Hearken, Lord, to my complaints,
For my soul with me faints;
Thee, far off, I call to mind,
In the land I left behind,
Where the streams of Jordan flow,
Where the heights of Hermon glow.

Tempest-tost, my failing bark
Founders on the ocean dark;
Deep to deep around me calls,
With the rush of water-falls;
While I plunge to lower caves
Overwhelm’d by all thy waves.

Once the morning’s earliest light
Brought thy mercy to my sight,
And my wakeful song was heard
Later than the evening bird;
Hast Thou all my prayers forgot?
Dost Thou scorn, or hear them not?

Why, my soul, art thou perplex’d?
Why with faithless trouble vex’d?
Hope in God, whose saving name
Thou shalt joyfully proclaim,
When his countenance shall shine
Through the clouds that darken thine.

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Meter: 7 7 7 7 7 7
      Bible Refs: Ps 42;
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