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Let God arise and scattered let all his

Let God arise, and scattered
let all his enímies be;
And let all those that do him hate
before his presence flee.

As smoke is drivín, so drive thou them;
as fire melts wax away,
Before Godís face let wicked men
so perish and decay.

But let the righteous be glad:
let them before Godís sight
Be very joyful; yea, let them
rejoice with all their might.

To God sing, to his name sing praise;
extol him with your voice,
That rides on heavín, by his name Jah,
before his face rejoice.

Because the Lord a father is
unto the fatherless;
God is the widowís judge, within
his place of holiness.

God doth the solitary set
in famílies: and from bands
The chainíd doth free; but rebels do
inhabit parched lands.

O God, what time thou didst go forth
before thy peopleís face;
And when through the great wilderness
thy glorious marching was;

Then at Godís presence shook the earth,
then drops from heaven fell;
This Sinai shook before the Lord,
the God of Israel.

O God, thou to thine heritage
didst send a plenteous rain,
Whereby thou, when it weary was,
didst it refresh again.

Thy congregation then did make
their habitation there:
Of thine own goodness for the poor,
O God, thou didst prepare.

The Lord himself did give the word,
the word abroad did spread;
Great was the company of them
the same who published.

Kings of great armies foiled were,
and forcíd to flee away;
And women, who remainíd at home,
did distribute the prey.

Though ye have lien among the pots,
like doves ye shall appear,
Whose wings with silver, and with gold
whose feathers coveríd are.

When there thí Almighty scatteríd kings,
like Salmonís snow Ďtwas white.
Godís hill is like to Bashan hill,
like Bashan hill for height.

Why do ye leap, ye mountains high?
this is the hill where God
Desires to dwell; yea, God in it
for aye will make abode.

Godís chariots twenty thousand are,
thousands of angels strong;
Inís holy place God is, as in
mount Sinai, them among.

Thou hast, O Lord, most glorious,
ascended up on high;
And in triumph victorious led
captive captivity:

Thou hast received gifts for men,
for such as did rebel;
Yea, evín for them, that God the Lord
in midst of them might dwell.

Blessíd be the Lord, who is to us
of our salvation God;
Who daily with his benefits
us plenteously doth load.

He of salvation is the God,
who is our God most strong;
And unto God the Lord from death
the issues do belong.

But surely God shall wound the head
of those that are his foes;
The hairy scalp of him that still
on in his trespass goes.

God said, My people I will bring
again from Bashan hill;
Yea, from the seaís devouring depths
them bring again I will;

That in the blood of enemies
thy foot imbruíd may be,
And of thy dogs dippíd in the same
the tongues thou mayest see.

Thy goings they have seen, O God;
the steps of majesty
Of my God, and my mighty King,
within the sanctuary.

Before went singers, players next
on instruments took way;
And them among the damsels were
that did on timbrels play.

Within the congregations
bless God with one accord:
From Isríelís fountain do ye bless
and praise the mighty Lord.

With their prince, little Benjamin,
princes and council there
Of Judah were, there Zabulonís
and Naphtíliís princes were.

Thy God commands thy strength; make strong
what thou wroughtíst for us, Lord.
For thy house at Jerusalem
kings shall thee gifts afford.

The spearmenís host, the multitude
of bulls, which fiercely look,
Those calves which people have forth sent,
O Lord our God, rebuke,

Till evíry one submit himself,
and silver pieces bring:
The people that delight in war
disperse, O God and King.

Those that be princes great shall then
come out of Egypt lands;
And Ethiopia to God
shall soon stretch out her hands.

O all ye kingdoms of the earth,
sing praises to this King;
For he is Lord that ruleth all,
unto him praises sing.

To him that rides on heavíns of heavíns,
which he of old did found;
Lo, he sends out his voice, a voice
in might that doth abound.

Strength unto God do ye ascribe;
for his excellency
Is over Israel, his strength
is in the clouds most high.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
      Bible Refs: Ps 68;
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