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Attend my people to my law thereto give

Attend, my people, to my law;
thereto give thou an ear;
The words that from my mouth proceed
attentively do hear.

My mouth shall speak a parable,
and sayings dark of old;
The same which we have heard and known,
and us our fathers told.

We also will them not conceal
from their posterity;
Them to the generation
to come declare will we:

The praises of the Lord our God,
and his almighty strength,
The wondrous works that he hath done,
we will shew forth at length.

His testimony and his law
in Isr’el he did place,
And charg’d our fathers it to show
to their succeeding race;

That so the race which was to come
might well them learn and know;
And sons unborn, who should arise,
might to their sons them show:

That they might set their hope in God,
and suffer not to fall
His mighty works out of their mind,
but keep his precepts all:

And might not, like their fathers, be
a stiff rebellious race;
A race not right in heart; with God
whose sp’rit not stedfast was.

The sons of Ephraim, who nor bows
nor other arms did lack,
When as the day of battle was,
they faintly turned back.

They brake God’s cov’nant, and refus’d
in his commands to go;
His works and wonders they forgot,
which he to them did show.

Things marvellous he brought to pass;
their fathers them beheld
Within the land of Egypt done,
yea, ev’n in Zoan’s field.

By him divided was the sea,
he caus’d them through to pass;
And made the waters so to stand,
as like an heap it was.

With cloud by day, with light of fire
all night, he did them guide.
In desert rocks he clave, and drink,
as from great depths, supply’d.

He from the rock brought streams, like floods
made waters to run down.
Yet sinning more, in desert they
provok’d the Highest One.

For in their heart they tempted God,
and, speaking with mistrust,
They greedily did meat require
to satisfy their lust.

Against the Lord himself they spake,
and, murmuring, said thus,
A table in the wilderness
can God prepare for us?

Behold, he smote the rock, and thence
came streams and waters great;
But can he give his people bread?
and send them flesh to eat?

The Lord did hear, and waxed wroth;
so kindled was a flame
’Gainst Jacob, and ‘gainst Israel
up indignation came.

For they believ’d not God, nor trust
in his salvation had;
Though clouds above he did command,
and heav’n’s doors open made,

And manna rain’d on them, and gave
them corn of heav’n to eat.
Man angels’ food did eat; to them
he to the full sent meat.

And in the heaven he did cause
an eastern wind to blow;
And by his power he let out
the southern wind to go.

Then flesh as thick as dust he made
to rain down them among;
And feather’d fowls, like as the sand
which li’th the shore along.

At his command amidst their camp
these show’rs of flesh down fell,
All round about the tabernacles
and tents where they did dwell.

So they did eat abundantly,
and had of meat their fill;
For he did give to them what was
their own desire and will.

They from their lust had not estrang’d
their heart and their desire;
But while the meat was in their mouths,
which they did so require,

God’s wrath upon them came, and slew
the fattest of them all;
So that the choice of Israel,
o’erthrown by death, did fall.

Yet, notwithstanding of all this,
they sinned still the more;
And though he had great wonders wrought,
believ’d him not therefore:

Wherefore their days in vanity
he did consume and waste;
And by his wrath their wretched years
away in trouble past.

But when he slew them, then they did
to seek him shew desire;
Yea, they return’d, and after God
right early did enquire.

And that the Lord had been their Rock,
they did remember then;
Ev’n that the high almighty God
had their Redeemer been.

Yet with their mouth they flatter’d him,
and spake but feignedly;
And they unto the God of truth
with their false tongues did lie.

For though their words were good, their heart
with him was not sincere;
Unstedfast and perfidious
they in his cov’nant were.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
      Bible Refs: Ps 78;
      Name: HAGUE
      Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
        Hymn/Song Book Song # Key
        # 587F
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