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Soon shall this earthly frame dissolved

Soon shall this earthly frame, dissolved,
in death and ruins lie;
But better mansions wait the just,
prepared above the sky.

An house eternal, built by God,
shall lodge the holy mind,
When once those prison-walIs have fall’n
by which ‘tis now confined.

Hence, burdened with a weight of clay,
we groan beneath the load,
Waiting the hour which sets us free,
and brings us home to God.

We know, that when the soul, unclothed,
shall from this body fly,
’Twill animate a purer frame
with life that cannot die.

Such are the hopes that cheer the just;
these hopes their God hath giv’n;
His Spirit is the earnest now,
and seals their souls for heav’n.

We walk by faith of joys to come,
faith grounded on his word;
But while this body is our home,
we mourn an absent Lord.

What faith rejoices to believe,
we long and pant to see;
we would be absent from the flesh,
and present, Lord! with thee.

But still, or here, or going hence,
to this our labours tend,
That, in his service spent, our life
may in his favour end.

For, lo! before the Son, as judge,
th’ assembled world shall stand,
To take the punishment or prize
from his unerring hand.

Impartial retributions then
our diff’rent lives await;
Our present actions, good or bad,
shall fix our future fate.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
      Bible Refs: 2 Co 5:1-11;
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