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Thus we serve for no other use but for a

Thus we serve for no other use,
but for a common talk;
They mock, they scorn, they shake their heads,
wherever they do walk.

With shame and great confusion I
afflicted am full sore;
Yea, so I blush, that all my face
with red is covered o'er.

For why? We hear such sland'rous words,
such false reports and lies;
That death it is to see their wrongs,
their threat'nings, and their cries.

For all this we forgot not thee,
nor yet thy cov'nant break;
We turned not back our hearts from thee,
nor did thy paths forsake,

Yet thou hast trod us down to dust,
where dens of dragons be;
And covered us with shade of death,
and great adversity.

If we God's Name forgotten have,
and help of idols sought,
Shall he not search and find it out
for he doth know our thought?

But 'tis for thy Name's sake, O Lord,
we always are slain thus,
As sheep into the shambles sent,
e'en so they deal with us.

Up, Lord, why sleepest thou? awake,
for ever leave us not;
Why hidest thou thy countenance?
our thrall thou hast forgot.

E'en to the dust our soul is brought,
our troubles so increase:
Our belly cleaveth to the ground,
our grief no time doth cease.

Rise up therefore for our defense,
and help us, Lord, at need
We thee beseech for thy goodness,
to rescue us with speed.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
      Dates: 1549,1812
      Bible Refs: Ps 44:11-20;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1812# 44
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