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Thy praise alone O Lord doth reign in

Thy praise alone, O Lord, doth reign
in Zion, thine own hill;
Their vows to thee they do maintain,
and promises fulfill.

For that thou dost their pray'rs still hear,
and dost thereto agree,
The people all both far and near
with trust shall come to thee.

Our wicked life so far exceeds,
that we shall fall therein;
But, Lord, forgive our great misdeeds,
and purge us from our sin.

The man is blest whom thou dost choose
within thy courts to dwell,
Thy house and temple he shall use
with pleasures that excel.

Of thy great justice hear, O God,
our health of thee doth rise.
The hope of all the earth abroad,
and the sea-coasts likewise.

With strength thou art beset about,
and compassed with thy pow'r;
Thou mak'st the mountains strong and stout,
to stand in ev'ry show'r.

The swelling seas thou dost assuage,
making them very still:
Thou dost restrain the people's rage,
and rule them at thy will.

he folk that dwell throughout the earth
hall dread thy signs to see,
orning and ev'ning with great mirth
end praises up to thee.

When that the earth is chapt and dry,
and thirsteth moreand more,
Then with thy drops thou dost supply,
and much increase her store.

The flood of God doth overflow,
and so doth cause to spring
The seed and corn which men do sow
for he doth guide the thing:

With rain thou dost her furrows fill,
whereby her clods do fall;
Thy drops on her thou dost distil,
and bless her fruits withal.

Thou deck'st the earth of thy good grace
with fair and pleasant crop;
Thy clouds distil their dew apace,
great plenty they do drop:

Whereby the desert shall begin
full great increase to bring;
The little hills shall joy therein,
much fruit on them shall spring.

In places plain the flocks shall feed,
and cover all the earth;
The vales with corn shall so exceed,
that they shall sing with mirth.

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Meter: 8 6 8 6 (C.M.)
      Dates: 1562,1812
      Bible Refs: Ps 65;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1812# 65
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