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O God to me take heed I help of thee

O God, to me take heed,
I help of thee require;
O Lord of hosts, with haste and speed
help me, I thee desire.

With shame confound them all,
that seek my soul to spill;
Let them be turnèd back and fail,
that think and wish me ill.

Let them rewarded be
with infamy and shame,
Who when harm happens unto me,
do triumph at the same.

But let them joyful be
in thee, with joy and wealth
Who only trust and seek to thee,
and to thy saving health:

That they may say always,
in mirth and one accord,
All glory, honor, land and praise
be given to the Lord.

But I am weak and poor,
come, Lord, thy aid I lack;
Thou art my stay and help, therefore
make speed, and be not slack.

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Meter: 6 6 8 6 (S.M.)
      Dates: 1562,1812
      Bible Refs:
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1812# 70
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