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My soul Praise the Lord speak good of

My soul, Praise the Lord, speak good of his Name
O Lord our great God, how dost thou appear!
So passing in glory, that great is thy fame,
Honor and Majesty in thee shine most clear.

With light as a robe thou hast thyself clad,
Whereby all the earth thy greatness may see:
The heav'ns in such sort thou also hast spread,
That they to a curtain compar-ed may be.

His chamber-beams lie in the clouds full sure,
Which as his chariots are made him to bear:
And there with much swiftness his course doth endure,
Upon the wings riding of winds in the air.

He maketh his spirits as heralds to go,
And lightnings to serve we see also pressed;
His will to accomplish they run to and fro,
To save or consume things as seemeth him best.

He groundeth the earth so firmly and fast,
That it once to move none shall have such pow'r
The deep a fair cov'ring for it made thou hast,
Which by its own nature the hills would devour.

But at thy rebuke the waters do flee,
And so give due place thy word to obey:
At thy voice of thunder so fearful they be,
That in their great raging they haste soon away.

The mountains full high they then up ascend,
If thou do but speak, thy word they fulfil:
So likewise the valleys most quickly descend,
Where thou them appointest, remain they do still:

Their bounds thou hast set how far they shall run,
So that in their rage not that pass they can:
For God hath appointed they shall not return
The earth to destroy more, which made was for man.

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Meter: 10 10 11 11
      Dates: 1561,1812
      Bible Refs: Ps 104:1-8;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1812# 104
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