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He sendeth his springs to strong streams

He sendeth his springs to strong streams or lakes,
Which run do full swift among the huge hills;
Where both the wild asses their thirst often slakes,
And beasts of the mountains thereof drink their fills.

By these pleasant springs and rivers most clear,
The fowls of the air abide shall and dwell;
Who moved by nature do hop here and there,
Among the green branches their songs shall excel.

The mountains to moist the clouds he doth use.
The earth with his works is wholly replete:
So as the brute cattle he doth not refuse,
But grass doth provide them, and herb for man's meat.

Yea, bread, wine, and oil, he made for man's sake,
His face to refresh, and heart to make strong:
The cedars of Liban the great Lord did make,
Which trees he doth nourish that grow up so long.

In these may birds build, and all make their nests;
In fir-trees the storks remain and abide;
The high hills are succours for wild goats to rest,
Also the rock stony for conies to hide.

The moon then is set her seasons to run,
The day from the night thereby to discern;
And by the descending also of the sun,
The cold from heat always thereby we do learn.

When darkness doth come by God's will and pow'r,
Then creep forth do all the beasts of the wood
The lions range roaring their prey to devour:
But yet 'tis the Lord who giveth them food.

As soon as the sun is up they retire.
To couch in their dens then are they full fain;
That man to his work may, as right doth reqmre,
Till night come and call him to take rest again.

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Meter: 10 10 11 11
      Dates: 1561,1812
      Bible Refs: Ps 104:9-16;
      Hymn/Song Book Year Song #
      1812# 104
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